Is foxcraft dead...?

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Is foxcraft dead...?

Post by jnzrgvl on April 24th 2015, 12:52

Hi, Smile

I was wondering if we moved or joined another server or is this community just dead..
And WHY?! Is this community dead D:

If my day was bad I came to THIS place, if I was bored I came to THIS place, if I was sad I came to THIS place... So WHAT DAFUQ happend..?


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Re: Is foxcraft dead...?

Post by rhinestar on July 11th 2015, 09:15

yeah, The community died. The problem was that the devoted members were members from the vanilla server and when that went down, they had no choice but to leave. The modded members were somewhat devoted but were also younger and would move on easier. I left foxcraft due to the sole reason of being bored of modding. I had been playing modded for 2 years when i signed on to foxcraft modded and i was getting slighty tired of it.

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